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In-depth knowledge in the field of garage door repair and maintenance.

Essential FAQs for garage door repair are found here. A collection of great responses.

  • Does the garage door need special care during the winter?

    You need to clean the door and provide lubrication to the moving metal parts before the cold weather starts. In addition, replace any worn-out weather seals and repaint the panels, if needed. Likewise, clean the garage floor more frequently during the winter to prevent road salts from causing damage to the door.

  • How do I check the balance of the door?

    The balance of the door is controlled by the garage door springs. So, you must check whether springs need adjustment. Disconnect and unplug the opener. Lift the door midway. Let it go. If it remains still, it's ok. If not, adjust the springs.

  • When is the best time to replace the door?

    The best time to replace the existing garage door is when it's extensively dented, it has significant problems or when it's seriously damaged. The specialists at our company in Dallas will also recommend garage door replacement when you need insulated doors, the wood door is warped and the door doesn't provide the necessary protection.

  • What's the average speed of garage doors?

    Sliding sectional doors consist of several different panels and this is a great advantage for your pocket, according to the specialists of our company in Dallas. You can install additional panels and if one of them happened to be damaged, it will be replaced individually. 

  • Q: Which are the cheapest openers?

    A: Opener prices are affordable and chain drive openers will be the cheapest. The experts of our company in Dallas say that modern openers have many standard features and if you want to narrow down your expenses, you can add more features in the future. Just don't get unfamiliar ones because you'll pay double for them in the future.

  • Q: Why is my door springs squeaky?

    A: When your door spring becomes squeaky, that is normal. There is no need to panic over it because it does not pose any harm on you or your household. However, you can fix this issue by adding lubricant to your garage door springs so that the noisy sound disappears and the garage door works smoothly. If the issue continues, consult our technicians to ensure the safety of your garage door.

  • Q: What if my garage door opens with the remote but will not close?

    A: Do not attempt to close the garage door when it is out of the tracks or has a roller falling out. Otherwise, make sure that the opener safety sensors are mounted near the floor on each side of the doorway without obstructions. Reliable professionals at Garage Door Repair Dallas recommend regular maintenance on your garage door.

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