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The tension an average garage door is under on a daily basis makes trying to repair it very dangerous. However, there are some things you can do in order to increase the efficiency of your system. Take a look at the following tips to learn more.

Extend the life of your garage door with regular maintenance

Your garage door is an expensive investment that adds to the value of your home and keeps it secure. There are many things that can go wrong with such a complex system but with regular maintenance you can extend the life of your door and keep it functioning for many years.

Choose the right LED light bulb for your garage door opener

Most modern garage door openers light up when you use them in order to provide you with much needed visibility when you enter or exit your garage at night. Not all light bulbs are suitable for your opener, so if you need to replace your current one, always check your user manual to make sure you get a suitable one.

Replace your garage door rollers as soon as they wear out

The rollers of your garage door see a lot of action, which is unsurprising seeing as how their purpose is to keep your door moving smoothly along the tracks. You'll definitely know when the rollers are worn because they'll emit a grinding or scraping noise. When you hear this sound, you need to lubricate them properly. However, if they appear to be worn, replacing them is the way to go. Otherwise, you may start to experience some problems.

Consider getting a steel door with a wooden finish

If you love wood but can't afford it or live in a high moisture area and don't want to have to bother with the extra maintenance, there's a solution. A steel garage door, with a wooden finish. That means that the exterior layer will have the beauty and curb appeal of wood, but underneath you'll have the sturdiness of steel. Maintenance requirements will be lower, as will the price.

Get a garage door with a high R-value

R-values represents the thermal efficiency of your door. The higher the rating the greater the insulation value. This can be an important consideration when buying a new door as it will determine how well the new model will prevent outside noise and temperature from affecting the inside of your garage. Our experts will be glad to consult you on this matter.


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